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Harness data to better understand your growing needs.

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Wireless sensors collect your field condition data that you can access anytime from your device to better understand the needs of your crop.

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Water Anomalies
  • Track water potential
  • Strategically schedule irrigations
  • Receive notifications of watering anomalies
Pest Control
  • Avoid pest-friendly conditions
  • Chart pest development with PDD
Climate Volatility
  • Predict frost events
  • Minimize heat stress
  • Reduce fruit drop from high winds
Harvest Timing
  • Precisely monitor plant growth
  • Use GDD to track crop development
  • Time sprays for maximum efficiency
Soil Maintenance
  • Track soil salinity
  • Maintain a healthy root zone
  • Reduce runoff and leaching

“Acuity has changed the way we approach irrigation. Next year's crop is looking to be one of our best on record. I recommend them as a must to any farmer in the 21st century.”

- Jason Cole, Calavo


“Acuity is changing our lives...I am very excited to expand our use of it.”

- Craig McNamara, Sierra Orchards
President of the California Department of Food and Agriculture


“My favorite part about Acuity is the simplicity. Setting one up is a snap, and the online tools are simple and intuitive.”

- Will Terry, Terry Farms, Director of Ventura County Farm Bureau


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